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If you are an individual or small business looking for a new web site or online app you are in the right place. Confused by the mass of do it yourself sites and design companies? This site will help you make an informed decision about how to proceed. The first few pages explain the design process. Other sections look at some of the user interface options that are available such as animation.

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Why front end design?

Front end design refers to the part of a site that the public sees. There is also a lot going on under the surface that the user is unaware of. Often site content is stored in a database or collected from a remote A.P.I. An A.P.I. is an application programing interface. These are provided by large and small organisations to make their data available to third party sites and applications.
There is far more to launching a new site or app than just dragging and dropping a few images and text on a "do it yourself" web site. Everything from competitor analysis to optimizing your content for search engines needs to be addressed.

Who are you?

I have been a developer for fifteen years, based in the North West of England. Originally I was a field engineer in the brown goods sector. Later I took a BSc degree in media production. This included everything from video production to user experience design. I also have a Masters degree in photography. Both degrees are from UCLAN in Preston.

My focus is front end design. There is a confusing array of platforms and frameworks available to create a site. Choosing the correct one for the job is why you need a designer. I can guide you through the design process. In this way you will avoid expensive mistakes. Please explore this site it has most of the information you will need to make an informed decision. First we look at the design process.

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First steps - the design process