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About me

Confused by all the hype and jargon? Let me guide you through the web design maze.

There is a never ending stream of new platforms and "flavour of the month" technologies that can muddy your choice of designer and site provider

Your problems solved

Define what you need, Are you unclear on the best way to tackle a problem?

I have used many platforms to solve business problems. I can find the simplest and most cost effective way to provide the solution you need.

Avoid overkill solutions.

If you need a site up quickly, using a popular platform such as WordPress and a standard theme, can get you up and running in a few weeks.

Dont forget your customers.

Often overlooked is checking out the competition when starting or upgrading a site.

Why use a freelancer?

Freelancers will give you impartial advice. I do not sponsor any particular technology. The best, simplest solution will be offered without any hard sell or bias.

What will I get?

First a proposal sets out a plan for the project. Closely followed by a contract. The contract sets out exactly what you are getting, when and for how much. A project timeline along with milestones is usually included. The contract prevents either party from "moving the goal posts" and ensures a smooth process.

First steps?

Contact me with your idea or problem. I can give you an idea of the potential time involved and the best solution. Next we would meet so that I can draw up a more detailed proposal.

Email :

Phone : 0751 2678913


My github code repository is on this link

For fifteen years web design has been my passion. I have worked for organizations such as Unison and Small Business Web Design North West. All types of projects have been completed including eCommerce online shops and simple brochure sites for solicitors and small businesses.

My skills - The modules I did at university should give you some idea of my skill base.The codes are UCLAN module numbers. The certificates are available for inspection.

  • TE1002 Interactive media production
  • TE1003 Computer graphics 1
  • TE1071 Audio 1
  • TE1072 Video production
  • TE1074 TV production
  • TE2041 Interactive design
  • TE2042 Interactive authoring
  • TE2075 Post production techniques
  • TE2171 Programme design and production
  • TE3041 User experience design
  • TE3600 Motion graphics
  • TE3075 Advanced post production
  • TE3078 Advanced lighting practice
  • PH4010 New media practices
  • PH4011 Portfolio production

You need a plan!

Would you build a house without a plan? Web sites also need a plan to ensure that your aims are met and that you are not wasting money. Creating a proposal for a new site or upgrade is an art in itself. There is a complex set of parameters that need to be addressed. You need someone who is highly educated and knows how to "sell" a project. Often the proposal is used to obtain finance. I have a BSc and a Masters degree so have written to a very high standard. I have also written many successful business plans.